QCC’s mission is to unite the needs of the world one person and one community at a time with impact strategies.


We envision a legacy of community leaders and businesses helping others and healing the earth.

“The greatest people that ever lived had a story. They started with a dream, passion and purpose, that impacted the entire world and set it on fire with unity. True leaders emerge from difficult circumstances, trying tribulations, and an internal choice to be the voice of the people, the hands of the hurt, and the feet of the fallen. This type of Social Enterprise understands the balance between Money & Mission, both being equally important and engaging not only to your stockholders but your community stakeholders.”

Gwendolyn A. Bork

Founder and CEO of QCC or Queen City Collaborative, Gwendolyn A. Bork is a proven living example of Impact. She had a story a hope, and has made it her life legacy to create social, cultural and environmental impact. After almost dying in a car accident at the age of 18, and having a near death experience; Gwendolyn rose like a phoenix, rising above poverty, abuse, and the trauma from rape, after leaving home at the age of 15 and dropping out of high school in her Senior year.

Since her brush with “Death”, she has made it her goal in life to shine the light of social, cultural, and environmental impact in all that she does and with everyone she sees. Published Author “Walking the Fine Line: The Path Between a Peak a Valley” documenting the 10 hardest years of her life (ages 14-24), peaking at a full account of her near death experience, and ending with the death of her first born sons Father, that was just the beginning of telling her story. Recording Artist “The Red Revolution”, independently published after turning down Capitol Records at age 21, EMI Records at age 24, and having to cancel her contract with SONY Records (age 24) after her sons Father died; she’s decided to make her life a testament to overcoming barriers and raising up those who feel defeated because of being less fortunate or forgotten.

Her community has become her family and her love for helping them is the foundation for QCC. President of her own Federally funded Addiction Prevention Nonprofit called FOCUS: For Our Community & Support, Inc. and overseen by the White House Office of Drug Control Policy; she knows that it means to have data-driven, evidenced-based approaches to measuring impact, seeing a return on the investment in others, and affecting the lives of those she seeks to help; making her an effective choice as your Impact Strategist and Guide to creating your Legacy.

Public Policy Advocate and Strategic Political Partner with all levels of Government, she joins other leaders across the country twice a year to advocate for change and support her local community in Washington DC. Change can’t come from one person alone but with everyone working together; Government, Business and Non Profits.

Are you ready to tell your Story?