Our Mission

Queen City Collaborative's mission is to successfully complete You or Your Organization's objective through the act of collaboration between collective connections.

Our Vision

Here at QCC we envision individualistic/ communal legacies that through strategic collaboration, has led the next generation into social and cultural impact.


Dedicated. Passionate. Driven. Direct. Devoted. Comrads.


One Dream

To know thyself tis only the beginning. To know thy dream which will have enduring social and cultural impact for generations to come is the end of all efforts.

We all have different reasons why we started our company, or our nonprofit, and sometimes those visions fade as time becomes our foe in achieving the goals we have set.

Envision the dream, we will create your team,  sit back and let the world see your legacy.

Founder & CEO

Gwendolyn A. Bork

Founder & CEO

Published Author"Walking the Fine Line". Recording Artist "The Red Revolution" aka "The Red Rebel".

Impact Strategist, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Developer and Director, Public Speaker/Facilitator.

2017 "Women Who Move the City" Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Erie County New York.

2018 "40 Under 40" Young Leader Award by Business First.



Our Team

A team is one that is assembled to serve a cause. Many hands makes hard work light.  A team has no function without a Leader.

Lead the team of your Dreams and leave behind a Legacy that will have social and cultural impact for generations.

Our team is one selected specifically for you and that spans the globe; experts in their field and committed to assisting you achieve the heights you have always envisioned.

Action Items

What's your philosophy on what's holding you and your organization back?

Do you even know? Call us now...it all starts with a conversation.