Why I Turned Down Capital Records


When I was 21, Capitol Records in California wanted to sign me, one way ticket to Cali, tour the west coast..I turned it down, I wasn’t ready. When I was 23, I was almost done publishing my book “Walking the Fine Line”, they had contacts with EMI Records in Nashville. I was pregnant and made my demands to the label according to what would work for me and my son once he was born, we never came to an agreement so I moved on. Not even a year later, I get approached by Sony Records in New Jersey, we were in agreement, things were looking good, I was to fly there to sign a contract, my son was born, I was ready!!  Two weeks before I was supposed to leave, my sons father dies in a tragic car accident, car goes off the road and into Lake Erie where he drowns to death, never to be seen again. I cancel my contract with Sony and pursue an independent way to publish my music and became a recording artist on my own.

I sing to this day and I sing because I love it. I sing because my now, two sons, inspire me, it’s a circle of life for new melodies, new lyrics, and more people to inspire.

Music saved my life and now I give my life back to the world to help others through charity at my upcoming event in support of youth development and addiction prevention.

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