Keynote Speaking

We deliver a message that contributes and confirms the very cause for why you exist. Let us inspire innovation with your vision. Let our Founder, CEO and Impact Strategist, Gwendolyn A. Bork, deliver the message you need to influence your audience into action towards the vision of your eternal legacy. Motivate hope, teamwork, balance, purpose, cultural diversity and community involvement today.

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Local Presentations (within the 8 counties of WNY) = $500 per hour

East Coast Presentations = $2,000 (+hotel accommodations)

Midwest Presentations = $3,500 (+ hotel accommodations)

West Coast Presentations = $5,000 (+ hotel accommodations)

Legacy Development for Businesses

Owning a company and creating revenue just isn’t enough anymore if we want to attract the next generation employee and leadership team. Whether you’re a one man or one woman show trying to run your business as the driven Entrepreneur you are, or President of an international company; you are only one person. With your dream, we can create the team you need to rise to the next generation of sustainable employees and community partnerships. Together, we can create the strategic framework needed to communicate the cultural and social impact vision for the next level of success and sustainability in your industry.

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Community Development for Non-Profits

Board Retreat

It takes a team to make the dream. Some can give their time, some can give their resources. Community Capital is the KEY to the Sustainability of the cause you’ve dedicated your life to. Our partnerships can help you.

Brand Development, Businesses Management, Collateral, Creating Capacity, Programming, Staff Development, Fundraising, Centers of Influence Targeting, Measurement Tools, Communications Audit, and Board Development is KEY to our sustainability.

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Chalk Talk

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