What’s your Story?

All good causes, successes, and people at the top have a story.  A story comes from a deep reflection in our experiences that ultimately led us down the pathway to our destination. We want to know your story, and we want to communicate that story to the masses. Loud and clear. Communication with clear understanding can set the world on fire for unity.

What’s your Legacy Landmark? The Legacy you want to leave behind?

A city wasn’t built in a day, and neither can the leadership of you or your business. It’s a set of very strategic goals and decisions made to choose the very progress you seek that takes you up the ladder of lasting Legacy. At some point true leaders emerge from difficult circumstances, trying tribulations, and an internal choice to be the voice of the people, the hands of the hurt, and the feet of the fallen. Seek to leave a legacy behind to the next generation through proper leadership and community partnerships.


Founder & CEO: Gwendolyn A. Bork

Founder and CEO of QCC (Queen City Collaborative) Gwendolyn A. Bork has done all that you want to do. She had a story, and went after her legacy. Rising like a phoenix from poverty and harsh hidden agendas from the world, she made the choice for independence at the meek age of 15 and has never turned back. Over 20 years in Business development, Team Management, Consulting, Speaking, Training, Wealth Management, and Community Development, she’s the cornerstone all organizations turn to, whether for profit or not for profit, to reach their highest potential and leave legacy behind to their community.

Public Policy Advocate and Strategic Political Partner with all levels of Government, she joins other leaders across the country twice a year to advocate for change and support her local community in Washington DC. Her Partners span the globe and no matter where you are, collaboration is right around the corner.

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